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a new prototype 11/2011

a folding 104hp 12u case will be available in february 2012 in a couple of different woods and configurations, as well as a diy bolt-together kit.  this one is 14lb for 416hp.  hardware will be as low-profile and unobtrusive as possible, and the front row will be slightly deeper than in the photos.   the size will be just under most airline carry-on dimensions and a padded bag will be available.

custom work

i wish i had more time to make one-off cases for people, designing and making new stuff is really fun and rewarding.  for now, i need to work a little more efficiently.

yellow and brown

i made this boat at a customer's request, but i couldn't resist seeing what a small all-metasonix setup might look like in it.   i might have to make one for myself.  i made this profile to fit a tiptop audio happy ending kit inside, but i haven't tested it with the ears yet.

new bamboo kit

just waiting for some more material for the bottoms, will be available with or without integrated Flight of Harmony Power module.

Nice busboard by Low-Gain Electronics.


new orders in march

As of mid-February, I'm going to be taking a break from accepting new orders until mid-March so I can better serve the people who have existing orders, and also focus on stocking a couple of more popular items in the store.  Once that's done, I'll resume taking orders for unstocked and custom cases.   Thanks for the patience and support.

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